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Discover kiteboarding in Mui Ne!

When you want to learn kiteboarding but are not sure if this sports is something for you or you visit Mui Ne but you are a bit short on time, the Discovery Kiteboarding Lessons are the perfect way to try kiteboarding. These kiteboard lessons will give you a serious introduction about safety and handling the kite.

In two hours you will discover the basics of the kiteboard sport in a safe and controlled environment. If the two hours of the Kiteboarding Discovery Lessons taste like more then you can always upgrade to our Beginners Kiteboarding Lessons, Independent Kiteboarding Lessons or become a true kiteboard hero with our Zero 2 Hero Kiteboarding Lessons.

Why is Mui Ne one of the best kiteboard spots in Asia?
The wind conditions in Mui Ne are great for 7 months per year. Winds pick up from October till April which gives you plenty of opportunity to learn kiteboarding.With average winds  speeds between 15 to 30 knots the conditions are perfect for beginning kiteboard riders.

As a beginning kiteboard rider you spend most of your first hours into the water. That is why it is good to know that water temperatures are above 20 Celsius. All these conditions together make Mui Ne one of the best kiteboarding spots in Asia.

How will the Discovery Kiteboarding Lessons look like?

In two hours you will learn all the basics of kiteboarding on the beach and in the end you might be able to get your first experience in the water. At Vietnam Kiteboarding School our first priority is safety. Thats why our kiteboard instructors will spend the first hours on land to explain you in detail about safety procedures and kite handling.

With guidance of your kiteboard instructor you will learn to build confidence to control the kite. You learn what to do in situations where you have to regain control of the kite and what to do in emergency situations.

For fast learners there might be time to go into the water with the kiteboard instructor and try to put kiteboarding theory into practice.

Lesson 1

Safety & Wind Window theory

  • Wind Window theory
  • Kiteboard safety theory
  • Explanation about kiteboard equipment
  • Lessons on trainer kite

Lesson 2

Kite preparation & Kite control

  • Kite preparation and pre-flight check
  • Self-rescue and Emergency Pack Down
  • Launching, flying and landing the kite.
  • (With good kite control, practice in the water)

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