Kiteboarder wave riding

Refresh your kiteboard knowledge and improve your kiteboarding skills!

Did you already take some kiteboarding lessons somewhere else and want to refresh your knowledge? Vietnam Kiteboarding School offers special Refresher Kiteboarding Lessons for you. Even if it was a few years ago or just last summer that you last touched a kite, our instructors will refresh your knowledge and get you back on track in no-time.

Once you rediscover your kiteboard skills our kiteboard instructor will focus on further improving your riding technique.



How will the Refresher Kiteboarding Lessons look like?

The first hour our kiteboard instructor will evaluate your kiteboard riding skills with you. Based on this lesson our kiteboard instructor can make a personalized learning program to refresh your knowledge and improve your riding skills. If you have an IKO certification card with your previous progress it would be wise to bring this to your first lesson. This gives our kiteboard instructors an indication of your riding skills.

Lesson 1

Evaluation of your riding skills

  • Check on safety procedures
  • Check actual kite control
  • Check riding skills (when able to ride)

Lesson 2

Personalized learning program

  • Based on the evaluation report a personalized learning program will be made.
  • Refresh your knowledge and improve your skills

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