Visit Mui Ne Fishing Village
mui ne fishing village

The beauty of Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing Village, at the north end of Mui Ne bay, is about 7 km north of Mui Ne Town. The coastal road leads straight into the town (with a left turn required to continue up the coast). At the entrance to town is an overlook with a splendid view of hundreds of colorful fishing boats mooring on the water. Further along into town, just off the main road, there is a small but colorful market. Mui Ne Fishing Village also offers plenty of swaying palm trees, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

If you take your transport just down to the water, you will reach the fishing harbor where you can purchase fresh seafood or steamed crabs, shellfish, etc. to eat on the spot from local vendors. Walking along the beach, you will pass by fishermen sorting out their catch, ship-wharfs and, at the southern end of town, a section where clams have been ridded of their shells for many years, so the sand on the beach is by now substituted with littered shells.

The best time to visit Mui Ne Fishing Village

The best time to visit Mui Ne Fishing Village is in early morning or in late afternoon. You can travel to Mui Ne Fishing Village by car, by motorbike or by bicycle. A leisurely cycling trip in Mui Ne is interesting and can be combined with a visit to the fish sauce village and the Mui Ne Sand Dunes.


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