independent kiteboarding lessons in vietnam

Kiteboarding lessons in Vietnam!

Always dreamed of being an independent kiteboard rider? Get your kiteboarding lessons in Vietnam. You can learn to kiteboard as an independent rider within just 10 hours at Vietnam Kiteboarding School.

Become a truly independent kiteboard rider.
The Independent Kiteboarding Lessons are an intensive course, depending on your time and stamina the kiteboarding lessons will be split up in 2.5 to 3 hour sessions. This means that the 10 hours of kiteboard lessons will be spread out over 3 to 4 days.

While our Kiteboarding Beginners Lessons give you enough time to get you started on the water, our Kiteboarding Independent Lessons will bring you further by teaching you all the skills to be truly independent.

Why having kiteboarding lessons in Vietnam at Vietnam Kiteboarding School?
Our instructors have years of experience teaching kiteboarding all over the world. With all the experience Instructor they will makes the lessons reliable and safe.

The total of 7 months of strong winds in Mui Ne will give you plenty of opportunity to improve your skills. With our school in Mui Ne, Vietnam Kiteboarding School is located in one of the best kiteboarding spots of Asia.

Get your kiteboarding lessons in Vietnam today!

How will the Independent Kiteboarding Lessons look like?

The first 7 hours of the Independent Kiteboarding Lessons are used to get you standing on the board. When you take your kiteboarding lessons in Vietnam the kiteboard instructor will go through all safety steps and give you confidence with controlling the kite. Where the Beginners Kiteboarding Lessons stops is where the Independent Kiteboarding Lessons start. The kiteboard instructor will follow your attempts to go up and down wind and will give you tips based on your actions. The 7 hours of the Independent Kiteboarding Lessons will be spread out over the 5 lessons stated below.

Start your kiteboarding lessons in Vietnam today!

Lesson 1

Safety & Wind Window Theory

  • Theory about the wind & Wind Window
  • Lessons on trainer kite
  • Safety theory

Lesson 2

Kite preparation & Kite control

  • Kite preparation & Pre-flight Check
  • Self-Rescue & Emergency Pack-down
  • Launching & Landing the kite

Lesson 3

Independent kite preparation & control

  • Independent kite preparation
  • Upwind body drag in the water
  • Water re-launch

Lesson 4

Body drag & Water start!

  • Body drag with power stroke
  • Body drag with board
  • Water start

Lesson 5

Upwind kiting & First Jumps

  • Practice kiting upwind
  • Basic jumps


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