Learn to surf in Vietnam get beginners surfing lessons

Learn to surf in Vietnam!

Although Vietnam isn’t the first country that comes in mind when you think of surfing, here in Mui Ne we have some  great beaches where you can learn to surf. With warm water temperatures and shallow bays it is perfect for beginner surfers to practice this sport.

At Vietnam Kiteboarding School you will learn to surf in three hours with our Beginners Surfing Lessons. Our instructors mapped some beautiful surf locations in Mui Ne. Depending on the water conditions your teacher will choose the right surf location for a safe and fun surf lesson.

How will the Beginners Surfing Lessons look like?

At VKS your safety is our number one priority. So the first hour you will learn to surf by practicing on the beach. Our instructors will explain you more about the ocean and his tides and give you safety tips that you can use when you get in trouble.

When you learned how to balance your body on the surfboard and practice your paddling technique it is time to try your surfing skills in the water. In the following two hours you will learn to surf by riding your first wave.

With the beginners course we will use soft-boards and long-boards to teach you how to surf. With this surfing equipment it is easier for you to practice your balance and stay safe. Following are some of the skills you will acquire in the Beginner Surfing Course.

Lesson 1

Surf safety & Beach practice

  • Theory about the ocean and his tides
  • Surf technique including: body positioning and paddling
  • How to fall away from the board safely

Lesson 2

Ride your first wave

  • Paddling passed the waves: sit up, duck dive
  • Catching the white wave
  • How to stand up on the board (takeoff)

Lesson 3

Ride a big wave & turning

  • Riding on the first big wave
  • Making the turn


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