advanced surfing lessons Vietnam

Improve your surfing skills in Vietnam!

Mui Ne got one of the best surf spots in Vietnam. So VKS is a perfect location to advance your surfing skills. VKS got highly experienced surfers that spend many hours in the water by themselves whenever they get the chance. Our surf instructors are eager to share their experience and teach you all the advanced surfing skills that they learned over the years.

Equiped with a shortboard you learn how to surf like a pro.


How will the Advanced Surfing Lessons look like?

To start the Advanced Surfing Lessons our surf instructor will asses your current surfing skills. Based on your experience our surf instructor will create a personal three hour course. Our surf school is located in the center of Mui Ne Beach, based on the best surfing conditions our surf instructor will bring you to the best surf spot in Mui Ne to start the lessons.

The main goal of the Advanced Surfing Lessons is to make you ride a proper green wave. You will learn how to duck dive, ride the wave sideways, make bottom turns and top turns.

To get an idea of the surf skills you will learn take a look at the list below:


Lesson 1

Surf technique & First green wave

  • Practice green wave surf technique on beach
  • Duck dive bigger wave
  • Ride your first green wave

Lesson 2

Turning & Steering

  • Bottom wave turning
  • Top wave turning
  • Sideways riding

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