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Become an advanced kiteboard rider at Vietnam Kiteboarding School!

Learn all the tips and tricks to become an advanced kiteboard rider at Vietnam Kiteboarding School. When you already know that kiteboarding is your future sport and want to go all the way at once then Vietnam Kiteboarding School is the place to be! We offer a full 15 hour kiteboarding experience that will bring you from a zero to a hero in just 1 week.

Why Vietnam Kiteboarding School (VKS)?
To become a good kiteboard rider you need good kiteboard instructors. All instructors at Vietnam Kiteboarding School are are many years  (7 to 10 years+) of teaching kitesurfing and most of us are Internationally Certified. Some of our kiteboard instructors are still competing on National level and many have competed on International level including 2-times KTA champion Long Nguyen Duc.

At Vietnam Kiteboarding School we always keep your safety in mind. You will get a personalized kiteboard training program based on your previous experience with water sports. All kiteboard lessons will  be flexible and shaped to fit your own learning speed. This way every hour on the beach and in the water will me extremely effective for your kiteboard learning process.

Why learn to kiteboard in Mui Ne, Vietnam?
Vietnam Kiteboarding School is located in Mui Ne Vietnam, one of the best kiteboarding spots in Asia. Here in Mui Ne we have 7 months of wind, from October till April. This gives you plenty of opportunity to learn how to kiteboard. Based on the weather and beach conditions many will say that if you can kite in Mui Ne you can kite everywhere in the world. Vietnam Kiteboarding School got a big beach where you can land and launch your kite safely. Give yourself a new challenge and come kiteboard with us at one of Asia’s best kiteboarding location.


How will the Zero 2 Hero Kiteboarding Lessons look like?

This course is for the student that wants the full kiteboarding experience. But like all other students we have to start from the basics. The first 7 hours of kiteboard lessons will be similar to the Beginners Kiteboarding Lessons and Independent Kiteboarding Lessons. Depending on how quick you learn the kiteboard instructor will move on to the more advanced lessons. In these lessons you will learn to kite proper upwind, make smooth corners with your kiteboard and finally the first kiteboard jumps and tricks.

Lesson 1

Safety & Wind Window Theory

  • Theory about the wind & Wind Window
  • Lessons on trainer kite
  • Safety theory

Lesson 2

Kite preparation & Kite control

  • Kite preparation & Pre-flight Check
  • Self-Rescue & Emergency Pack-down
  • Launching & Landing the kite

Lesson 3

Independent kite preparation & control

  • Independent kite preparation
  • Upwind body drag in the water
  • Water re-launch

Lesson 4

Body drag & Water start!

  • Body drag with power stroke
  • Body drag with board
  • Water start

Lesson 5

Upwind kiting & First Jumps

  • Practice kiting upwind
  • Basic jumps

Lesson 6

Turning & Jumping

  • Improved jump techniques
  • Basic turn with smooth transistion


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