independent windsurfing lessons at VKS

Become an advanced windsurfer in Vietnam!

You might already took the Beginners Windsurfing Lessons with VKS or somewhere else and have been practicing the skills that you learned there to perfection. Now it is time to move on and learn new windsurf skills. Then the Advanced Windsurfing Lessons are for you!

In a two hour course we will focus on improving your windsurf skills during stronger wind conditions. How to keep in control during higher speed and how to hook and unhook your harness.

If you have done the Beginners Windsurf Lessons and want to become a better windsurfer it will take a lot of time. So take this time and practice on your own before you move on to the Advanced Windsurf Lessons. If you move on to the new course too quick you will spend time and money practicing skills that you could easily do on your own. So to make our windsurf lessons as efficient as possible we recommend to practice the skills you learned in the previous windsurf lessons on your own by renting our windsurf gear. As soon as you feel you are confident and ready for new windsurf skills you can start the Advanced Windsurfing Lessons.

How will the Advanced Windsurfing Lessons look like?

During our two hour Advanced Windsurfing Lessons you will learn how to windsurf in more extreme conditions. Since you already know the basics of windsurfing our windsurf instructor will go into the water with you from the start.

The lessons will take place when the wind is stronger and if necessary you will get a bigger sail and smaller board to challenge you even more. Under these tougher condition you will learn to Tack & Gibe, hook & unhook the harness and do a water start with a small board.

Lesson 1

Advanced windsurfing

  • Bigger sail & smaller surfboard
  • Windsurfing in stronger wind conditions
  • Learn to hook and unhook harness

Lesson 2

Water start

  • Water start with small board
  • Tack and Gibe in strong wind conditions
  • Up wind & Down wind windsurfing

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