private windsurf lessons at VKS

Private windsurfing lessons in Vietnam!

VKS offers private windsurfing lessons for you so you can create a personalized program. You might want to refresh your windsurfing skills or you have seen an amazing windsurf trick that you want to learn. Our windsurf instructors will create an interesting windsurf course based on your input.


How will the Private Windsurfing Lessons look like?

How the Private Windsurfing Lessons look like that is totally up to you! Refresh your windsurfing skills after a few years of not being able to windsurf, improve your windsurf skills in personal detail or learn new windsurf tricks you have seen somewhere else.

You might just want to know more about your weak points and learn how to improve your windsurf riding skills, then have our instructors analyze your windsurfing skills and get personalized tips and  tricks!

Lesson 1

Private Windsurfing Lesson

  • Create your own windsurf lesson
  • Or have our windsurf instructor analyze your windsurf riding skills and get personalized tips and tricks.


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